Our grassroots campaign is fueled by the support of community leaders from Congress, to School Board, to everyday San Diegans who have a better vision for our region. Thank you for your support!

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California Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins

“I am proud to endorse Terra Lawson-Remer for San Diego County Supervisor, District 3. Terra combines an extraordinary record of progressive community leadership with a keen understanding of public policy. I trust Terra to be a passionate and effective advocate for our environment, healthcare, and affordable housing. We need Terra’s leadership on the Board of Supervisors.”

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Congressman Juan Vargas

“I’m excited for the kind of leadership Terra will bring to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. Terra is brilliant, fearless, and determined. She combines an extraordinary record of community leadership with a deep understanding of complex public policy challenges. ”


Cofounder of the United Farm Workers (UFW) Dolores Huerta

“I am honored to endorse Terra Lawson-Remer as a candidate for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. Terra has been a true champion for working families and has been a champion for environmental and social justice her entire life. As Supervisor, Terra will be an effective change-maker, placing the needs, hopes, and dreams of ordinary people at the center of every policy and administrative decision with the aim of improving the lives of all residents of San Diego County.”

Community Voices:

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I surveyed a group of voters and community leaders and asked them if they thought I should run for Supervisor. Here is what they told me:

Terra Lawson-Remer is an excellent organizer, fearlessly determined in executing a vision, and extremely dedicated to serving her community. Terra has the unique ability to bridge both sides of public service- as she can just as easily talk detailed policy and build high-level coalitions, as she is willing to roll up her sleeves and do the thankless work of community-building. If Terra serves District 3 with as much passion as she has served the 49th over the last two years, all of San Diego County will benefit.
— Amanda Mascia
Terra has proven herself an effective policymaker and political strategist on both the global and local scene. She has the skills and passion to lead San Diego County on the key issues we face, from healthcare and immigration to environment and climate change. Above all, she has a commitment to grassroots democracy that will empower us all in the process.
— Betty Wheeler
“Terra’s background in economics and social justice makes her the perfect candidate to run for County Board of Supervisors. Her experience in working with community groups places her in an unique position to understand the needs of the community, and therefore prioritize county spending in areas that need it the most
— Narima Lopes
Terra is a social justice warrior who shares the progressive values of our community. She is a forward thinker that puts community first and works tirelessly for real change. I wholeheartedly endorse her campaign to represent all of us in the County Board of Supervisors.
— Cipriano Vargas
Bright, experienced, and committed describes Terra. She not only has great values very much in tune with the needs of the 3rd Supervisorial District, she also has the background and savvy to know how to advance them. She would make an excellent 3rd District Supervisor and has my enthusiastic support and endorsement.
— Dwight Worden
Yes! This office is something I’ve learned more about since 2016, and its local impact is outsized and lopsided. We need to represent liberal values on this board and I think you’d be a great candidate to do that!
— Nikki Faddick
Yes! Board of Supervisors - I have had the opportunity to get to know and work with Terra the last 2 years and think that she would be a great asset on the BOS. Through Flip the 49th, Terra developed an infrastructure for the boots-on-the-ground work of talking to our neighbors through phonebanking and canvassing. Through this infrastructure she harnessed the energy of dedicated volunteers and created the ground swell that flipped the 49th and multiple down ballot seats in communities throughout the district. She understands the importance of community organizing and listening to and engaging the entire community for the best representation.
— Misty O'Healy
Terra, without your brain child Flip The 49th and the strategy you developed and executed we would not have had the great success flipping not only the House, but numerous down ballot seats. Your ability to fund raise in the high 6 figures to finance Flip is remarkable and could only have been done by you. If we can’t persuade you to run for President then serving on the SD Board of Supervisors especially District 3 is where I am sure you will have the greatest positive impact.
— Tim O'Healy
YES Terra you should run. You should start now and run hard to the end. This last election showed us once again that it is the candidates who have a passion to serve, a “fire in the belly”, a story to tell, a determination to get out and connect with voters, this are the candidates that win in the end. Knowing you, if you run you will have that passion and work hard and with more passion than the incumbent. You have a passion to do “good” and to serve all voters.
— Bernie Rhinerson
I absolutely believe you should run and I would be behind you 1000%! You are amazing and brilliant and just what the SD County Board of Supervisors needs. And I think you could pull it off with all the support you will have behind you.

So exciting and I hope to be a part of it!
— Barb Amador
Terra Lawson-Remer has shown outstanding leadership and political acumen as one of the founders of the “Flip the 49th” organization following the 2016 election. She is a smart, energetic, and inspirational leader — an excellent candidate for the 3rd District Supervisor in 2020.
— Lee Haydu
I believe you’ll generate much enthusiasm among the same network of folks that helped put Mike in office. I’ve thought for a long time that whatever you want to go for you will get.
— Michael Gordon
Absolutely you should run for County Board of Supervisors! You already have the backing of all of the volunteers in the 49th to help you. I already like that fact that you are asking me what I think! Good idea to keep that open dialogue.
— Debbie Hanna
Yes! I grew up in this area and feel strongly that it’s time to flip our republican tendencies particularly in this political climate to prevent districts from following the national government in undoing all the progress we have made in the last 20-30 years.
— Alejandra Sacio
Hell Yeah!!! Or Heaven’s Yessss!!!! (Whichever one fits your mood :+))
— Maxi Greenwood
— Doug Porter
Does a one-legged duck swim in circles? ABSOLUTELY!
— William Bondshu
Absolutely! 2020 will obviously be an important election. I would be happy to help & contribute in any way I can.
— Rocco Versaci
Terra! Congratulations!! What are you thinking about Supervisor? Based on this it seems like you operate at a higher level but obviously you are looking at County Supervisor as a step. I support you in whatever you want to do. Let me know how I can help you.
— Allison Stratton
Yes of course! If you can flip the 49th you can do anything!
— Karen Liu
Yes. You are the most intelligent, tenacious, fearless, aware and focused person I’ve ever met.
— Rhya Cawley
YES. [Your] leadership made a big impact in the 2018 elections. We need [you] to run, for sure.
— David French