What I believe

I believe in a country and a county where everyone should have the opportunity for a better life. Where jobs should pay living wages, and workers are treated with dignity and respect. And where the fundamental rights of all people are honored, regardless of race or ethnicity, sexual or gender identity or orientation, or country of origin.

I believe healthcare is a basic right. Everyone deserves access to affordable, quality healthcare regardless of preexisting conditions.

And I believe in protecting the environment. Combating climate change, and safeguarding our coastlines and water quality and wild open spaces, is both a moral obligation and an existential imperative.

Yet despite living in the 5th largest economy in the world, in the most prosperous state in the nation, in the 8th largest metropolitan region in the country, San Diego County continues to pollute our beaches and contribute irresponsibly to global warming. Advances in artificial intelligence and automation are generating unprecedented wealth, but the profits of the new economy are being captured by only a few, while well-paying middle class jobs are threatened.  And although our vibrant cities and neighborhoods hold the promise of community, environmental sustainability, and good jobs, we are instead seeing increasing inequality and exclusion as the price of housing skyrockets. 

We are an extraordinary place, with extraordinary promise. San Diego County can and should lead the way in championing bold policies for justice, shared prosperity, and environmental sustainability -- helping our region embrace a moral economy whose rules and institutions protect our planet and promote human flourishing.

What I’m fighting for

As your representative on the County Board of Supervisors I will work to:

  • protect our environment — combating climate change, and safeguarding our beaches and oceans and coastlines;

  • guarantee public health and 100% access to healthcare;

  • generate shared economic prosperity that raise all boats;

  • address the homelessness and mental health services crises;

  • expand affordable housing;

  • reduce traffic through smarter growth and better transit;

  • promote public safety, and defend our neighborhoods from wildfires;

  • improve public education;

  • and protect the rights of immigrant families fleeing persecution and seeking asylum at our borders.

Our current county leadership is failing

Our County Board of Supervisors is failing on all these fronts.   While our County is served by extraordinary hardworking employees, who are on the frontlines protecting our health and safety every day, County leadership consistently undermines their ability to serve our community.  

Kristin Gaspar, our representative in District 3, is spending hard-earned taxpayer money defending Trump’s ‘Sanctuary’ State lawsuit and flying to D.C. to champion his wasteful border wall, while defunding basic public health services essential to preventing catastrophic outbreaks of diseases like Hep A.

We deserve better.  And we CAN do better.

Will you join me in this work, and in this movement?

in solidarity,

Terra Lawson-Remer

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